CPM Film Tools have a range of carbon sliders that they have called CPM Carbon Slyders. The Stage Zero or Basic Slyder Kit requires that you use as much of your existing Shoulder Rig as possible. Prices start at a special intro sale price of $99.99. CPM say the sliders are designed as a low cost, light weight option that can easily be used in remote locations and take up very little room during transport.
“The Stage Zero utilizes a single level style of rod system. Since the carriage slides on the single set of rods there’s no center mount for tripod work. Instead the system is best supported with dual tripods/C stands on the ends or as a table top system. For single tripod use we suggest the Stage 1, 2 or Stage 3 which uses a dual level system (4 x 15mm rods) one set stacked on top of a second set.”

There are four CPM Carbon Slyders the Stage Zero or Basic Kit: $99.99 : Stage 1 $249.99 : Stage 2 $349.99 : Stage 3 $799.99

CMP Carbon Slyder Basic Kit

A light weight camera slider solution that uses your existing 24″ rods and Belly Pan (or what ever rods you have on hand)! The basic Slyder kit includes the end caps, adjustable feet and center carriage. Carriage comes pre-assembled with 60mm carbon rods able to accept your existing belly pan, or any rig based camera mount that has 60mm spacing with a 15mm rod diameter. Designed for dual tripod or table top only. For single tripod please look for our Slyder Stage 2 system. Prototype Stage 1 Shown in the picture, for reference only.

CPM Slyder Close Up

CPM Carbon Slyder Outriggers

Check out CPM Film Tools for more information.

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