Here we go boys and girls a straight up simple why didn’t I think of that idea and concept put into a product that is ideal for the small camera and DSLR Shooter to have in their filming kit. RigWheels are made up 4 rubberized bearing wheels per carriage. Prices start out at $38 for one RigWheel and $115 for a set of four.
RigWheels can be run on most smooth surfaces like floor boards, tables, even on pipes and on the inside of strut channel which can be bought at any hardware store.
RigWheels can be configured into multiple configurations and the combination’s are only limited by your imagination. Got a rig? Well whack RigWheels on it!!


RigWheels are a simple and sleek way to add motion to your images utilizing the support equipment that you may already own. 4 rubberized bearing wheels per carriage give you an incredibly smooth roll and because RigWheels can mount directly to your camera rig or other support platform right out of the box, they are the easiest and most portable way for you to add smooth camera movement to your arsenal. RigWheels along with any nearby piece of pipe, glass, plexiglass, laminate, track or other smooth surface can give you the same seamless smooth motion as other options that cost hundreds more.

RigWheels DIY Camera Dolly Slider Track Wheels from RigWheels on Vimeo.


One of the coolest things about RigWheels is that they can run inside of strut channel making the possibilities for rigging almost endless. Shooting low-mode, mounting from the ceiling, going through windows, your creativity is the limit. One of the huge advantages of using this configuration is that you don’t have to worry about an uneven floor or ground outdoors. Level the rails with your tripods and you’re good to go. No padding and shimming pipe/tube on the floor.

RigWheels sample footage from RigWheels on Vimeo.

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