We covered Cineik last year a few times as they dropped new gear and now we see they have a Kickstarter campaign that introduces the Cineik IR13 rail support systems & IR13 – SR shoulder rig. The Cineik IR13 is the first interchangeable multi axis adjustment camera rig system. The Cineik rig system can be adjusted in X, X+, Y, Y+ & Z axis, making it very easy to fine tune. The Cineik system can be assembled or disassembled in minutes to custom fit the camera operator needs. The Cineik IR13 standard 15mm signature red threaded rails allows a wide variety of accessories to be attached.

What is the Cineik IR13? What does it do?

The Cineik IR13 (interchangeable rail support system) allows the camera operator to add more accessories that require the space (accessories like a follow focus, external monitor, shoulder plate, railing grips, teleprompter, articulating arm, external mics, matte box and much more). The IR13 will allow the camera operator to evenly & quickly adjust the systems weight for a “balanced” setup.

A balanced setup will not only add support & accessories to your camera, but aid in leveling a shot & most important preventing offset weight that could lead to injury. The Cineik IR13 series will fit any camera that supports a 1/4-20″ thread. All IR13 series systems are interchangeable and tripod mountable. With our signature red threaded rails, you can quickly change the length to attach other accessories. The IR13 can be transformed from a run & gun style setup to a pro setup in just a few twists and turns.

We’ve decided to offer our new railing & shoulder support system to you first on Kickstarter! We’ve been designing this system for over a year and would like to offer it at a more affordable cost than our projected introductory price. If we have enough support from backers here we can buy our supplies in bulk and offer the Cineik IR13 rail support system starting at $99 & up and the IR13 – SR at $359. All pledges include US domestic flat rate shipping.

Please see Cineik for more and also check out their Kickstarter campaign.

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