Ah Mitch Gross you have to love him, and we thank him and Abelcine for taking a look at MYT Works new gear that was on show at NAB 2012. MYT Works were already carving a path with their very solid and versatile slider and have now stepped up the camera movement game with the MYT Curvi-Glide and MYT Quatripod as well as some other great prototypes they showed off at NAB. Check out Abelcine’s Applications Specialist Mitch Gross and his MYT Works walk-through. And remember MYT stands for mighty.

An adjustable leg support system allows placement almost anywhere and new supports allow for under-slinging. A motorized motion control system can be added to any MYT Works slider system. Additionally, a unique expanding plate allows for fine-tuned height adjustment. Watch the video to learn more about what is coming soon from MYT Works. Mitch Gross

We thank Abelcine for the video:

MYT Curvi-Glide Prototype:

MYT Quatripod Prototype:

For more please see the MYT Curvi-Glide website, the MYT Quatripod website, MYT Works and Abelcine.

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