Developed from the ground up specifically for Film and Television production, CineCoil is a new line of cables aimed at increasing both quality of current options, and making cable management easier. The first CineCoil product ready for release is the coil-based HD-SDI cable. Offered in both 10” and 20“, this cable accommodates both small and large film and digital camera configurations. Built-in, 90º connectors and large over molding prevent strain on the cable and connection during use. Each cable extends an additional 12” to allow for adjusting of on-board monitors, wireless systems, and recorders.

Developed to support SD/HD/3G, the CineCoil HD-SDI cable is 75Ω, and also features gold pin connectors and 30 AWG shielding. In early December look for CineCoilʼs line of TVLogic, Sound Devices, and SmallHD compatible 12v power cables. Coming in both LEMO and D-Tap connections, these cables feature full over molding and increased durability beyond current offerings. LEMO cable connections will be available in both 2 Pin (ALEXA) and 4 Pin (RED PRO I/O).

In January 2013, look for the CineCoil HDMI and DSLR series of cables. High speed with Ethernet HDMI cables are designed in both 10” and 20”. The CineCoil DSLR cable, is an 8” coil cable is designed with 90º mini HDMI to full size HDMI for on-board monitors and external viewfinders.

To learn more about the CineCoil cables for the RED EPIC, Scarlet, ARRI Alexa, and DSLR cameras plus TV Logic, SmallHD monitors, and Sound Devices cables head on over to
CineCoil is available in store and online at AbelCine (Chicago, LA & NY) and B&H Photo Video.

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