We know that SxS cards will be used in recording the new XAVC internally on TheNewF camera coming from Sony. A rumour quickly splashed that the cards would be a new version of SxS. So the question we ask is; are Sony ready to use their SxS LITE name and version of the solid state memory card on TheNewF camera.
SxS started off as the fairly bullet proof SxS Pro back in 2008 and in December 2009 the SxS-1 cards with the same performance came out but sadly only lasted for five years if used every day. Well did you know back in ’09 Sony also registered the trademark name SxS LITE as a data storage media, namely, flash memory cards as well.

I am scratching my head did we ever get to see those? No? Well if you trot a new card out in the SxS flavour to pump XAVC vision then maybe you polish off the SxS LITE logo for a launch. Then again what do we know, but you would think at some stage a camera will glow with an SxS LITE sticker, or Sony could never use that name at all, whichever.

Want more information about TheNewF then please go to the Sony UK website or the Sony USA website.

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