Nice fun little slomo test on the ARRI Alexa camera at 120fps thanks to JP Caldeano from Yogi Productions.
It now appears that 120fps is the new 60fps with each fresh camera coming out, but what if the Sony TheNewF camera steps it up and drops 180fps making it the new 120fps? Just to disturb you a little, freak you out slightly, and put the hair on the back of your neck way UP…. What about 4K at 180fps from the Sony TheNewF camera…. 120fps has quickly become the standard slomo full setting. So TheNewF should do more than what’s out there you’d think, and of course do more again like 240fps at smaller sizes but surley you would expect 180fps at a cracking 4K from here on in as standard. Right? I mean frames are just another piece to TheNewF puzzle. Find out more on the 30th.

See if the TheNewF does 180fps at 4K then go to the Sony UK website or the Sony USA website to find out.

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