I am a big fan of the Sticky Pod camera mounts, I own and use two Sticky Pods, the Sticky Pod Dash Cam and the Sticky Pod Racer. Both units are easy to use, easy to set up, hug the car inside and out so well and never leave a mark.
It is one of those pieces of equipment that gives you piece of mind when gearing up and when out shooting on the job.
You just know that it will perform and get results.
I have hired them out to clients and the feed back is always positive. The Pod’s even did a job in Dubai on the hood of a topless Rolls for a Reality Show.

Sticky have announced that after selling out the first run of Sticky Pod Mini’s, they have now dropped the prices on the Sticky Pod Mini.
A single Mini is a minuscule $34.95 and the 3 pack is only $89.95!

Sticky Pod now are doing Shoulder Mounts. I wish that were not the case! Just like the Sticky Pod website that needs drastic updating and made to live outside of the 90’s this Shoulder Mount looks like a drinking game idea gone wrong.

For more info see Sticky Pod

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