How about a DIY Lego stabiliser for your camera? Even better how about a build tutorial to show you how to make your very own Lego stabiliser?

Here is a DIY Lego stabiliser tutorial from producttank. Enjoy.

This video shows you how to build a simple DIY Lego Camera stabiliser. I’ve used a GoPro Camera, but if you own another small video camera or a smart phone, you can easily adapt the design to suit what ever you have, as long as you understand the principles.

I have greatly simplified this build from the previous design, so that it is easier to make and uses less Lego, so will cost less to build than the previous design if you don’t already have enough Lego lying around from your childhood.

I like making things and I like making camera stabilisers, they appeal to me because of the principles and the fine tuning involved. But if making things is not where your passion lies and you just want to get straight to the filming, camera stabilisers are now so inexpensive, it would make much more sense to just purchase one.

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