Can you name the six degrees of freedom? I bet you can… Well you better if you fly a drone. That aside in VR and AR they use the same type of terminology.

Lytro demos the six degrees of freedom…

What are the Six Degrees of Freedom? from Lytro on Vimeo.

Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) and Three Degrees of Freedom (3DoF) are very common terms you’ll hear at VR/AR mixers, conferences and the Lytro lunchroom. Many people understand and can demonstrate 3DoF, which are the first three degrees demonstrated in the video. But trying to explain all six is sometimes difficult. Learn how to demonstrate all six by watching this video.

1. Yaw
2. Pitch
3. Roll
4. Left/Right
5. Up/Down
6. Forward/Backward

Bonus video:

Lytro's 6DoF Volume Capture Inside Nuke from Lytro on Vimeo.

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