Received updated information about the Zunow DSLR PL Mount.

The Zunow PL-Mount supports lenses with a maximum mount length of 24mm. This because of the optical glass inside the PL-Mount. You can also use the Optical Element inside the Zunow PL Mount to control Back Focus.
Zunow are currently compiling a list of Cinematic lenses which can be accommodated by the PL-Mount without any problem.
The following manufacturers are compatible with the Zunow PL Mount:


· 50mm Panchro

· 75mm Panchro

· 100mm Panchro

· S4/i 12mm

· S4/i 21mm

· S4/i 32mm

· S4/i 35mm

· S4/i 65mm

· S4/i 75mm

· S4/i 100mm

· S4/i 135mm

· S4/i 150mm

· S4/i 180mm


· Optimo 15-40

· Optimo 28-76

· Optimo 17-80

Zunow will be adding other manufacturers like Zeiss, Red and Leica to acceptable lens list able to be used with their PL Mount.

The Zunow PL-Mount works best with the Canon EOS 5D MKII, since this camera has a full frame sensor. The optical glass will give you a perfect 35mm circle of light. The Canon EOS 7D can be used as well, however, will crop your image due to the smaller CMOS sensor.

The cost of the PL-Mount will be around US$3050. Availability (at our worldwide dealers) will be limited, due to the recent introduction and a strong demand. The first production batch has been sold out completely and will be delivered around October 20th. After this date orders will be delivered on a “first come first serve” basis. Please contact our dealers for delivery times.

Keep checking back with Zunow for updates.

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