Years ago Ikegami had a camera that had a viewfinder that could swing both ways, so left handed cameramen could go about their left handed business.

Now we see ergocine have sprung a camera rig that is ambidextrous and can swing both ways too.

ergocine flyweight rig with camera

The ergocine flyweight rig, offers a affordable, highly configurable, aesthetically pleasing, ergonomically designed camera support system.

The flyweight is ambidextrous you can flip from left-handed and right-handed simply by rotating the blade 180°.The rigs components are constructed of black cherry or black walnut hardwood with (2) 1/4 – 20 female receivers per mounting point creating a, no slip, high strength mount.

ergocine Flyweight Rig The Making Of:

David Ford ergocine’s owner / designer and Adam Dirig our mater carpenter make final adjustments to our new ergocine Flyweight Rig. Then they bring those changes to life in the Dirig Design wood shop.

ergocine flyweight rig
ergocine flyweight rig With DSLR

Hit ergocine up for more about their ambidextrous Flyweight Rig.

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