STARSHINE PICTURES put the C100 MKII camera’s sharpness to the test with C-Log original Vs Custom C-Log.

C100mkII Sharpness Test – C-Log original vs. Custom C-Log from STARSHINE PICTURES on Vimeo.

Watch in Full-HD! Wait until its buffered for maximum quality!

I did a comparison with my C100mkII to find out if its better to film without any sharpness and to put it in the post, or if it is better to film with a little bit sharpness in the picture profile. So i made 2 custom picture profiles. Both based on C-Log, Sharpness +5 and +15. Default in C-Log is -10, the lowest possible. I didn't change anything at the colors or gamma because C-Log works perfect for me at these settings. In Conclusion I have to say that the +15 is way too much, but even the +5 might be a bit to strong. But you can definately see that the very detailed parts of the image are better saved with a little bit sharpness on. I think its easier to retain the details in the image when the camera is compressing the picture with more sharpness than to try to get it back after it was compressed. The codec of the C100mkII is brilliant, such a small bitrate for this quality. But it has also its limits. So, if you want a really detailed image that can totally hold with all these 4K cameras after downsampling to FullHD, then its better to put some sharpness in the image at filming. The sweet spot might be around -2 to +3, depends on your taste. If you want a more analog creamy filmic look, than go for the standard C-Log with -10 sharpness.

The difference in the image between C-Log default with added +15 sharpness in post and the modified C-Log profile with +5 sharpness in is really small. But it also saves you computer power and time in the post production by saving this step. Even the Vimeo compression kills a bit of the magic. If you want to see the original (HEVC h265) render you can download it here:

Canon C100mkII
Canon 50mm f1.4
Model: Tanja Kriebus
Camera, Editing: Stephan List, Starshine Pictures

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