A DIY high spec 3-axis brushless gimbal camera rig called Bryant Gimbal from Dan Czerwonka

Custom Handheld Gimbal in Action from Dan Czerwonka on Vimeo.

Here's a little video of my gimbal in action on a shoot at the Waldorf LaQuinta Resort. Frankie is operating and I am controlling frame and focus wirelessly (with Spektrum radio transmitter, Nyrius Aries Pro wireless HD video and the Motiondawgs Lenzhound wireless follow focus system. I built it from scratch using the top of the line Phobotic Centerpiece HV gimbal controller with help from my buddies at AerialPixels.com

Late Night Gimbal Tuning from Dan Czerwonka on Vimeo.

Here's a demonstration of the "follow mode" operation for both pan and tilt. Smooth like butta.

Bryant Gimbal Hands-free from Dan Czerwonka on Vimeo.

Shooting with Bryant Gimbal flying Red Epic and 24-70mm zoom lens.

Bryant Gimbal Raw Red Epic Footage – NO POST STABILIZATION from Dan Czerwonka on Vimeo.

These are just a few clips of a 3-axis gimbal from Bryant Gimbal carrying a Red Epic and a 24-70mm zoom lens show how stable the video is before any post stabilization (you don't really need it even).

The video was shot at 5k, then transcoded to 1080p and cut w/ FCPX, and uploaded to Vimeo at 1080p

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