The SteadyGim15 3-axis brushless gimbal camera rig has foldable handlebars which also serve as a gimbal stand for the rig.

All for just $649.25


The SteadyGim15 is a carbob fiber tube structure’s gimbal,the feature of the gimbal is the foldable handlebar which can stand up when balance gimbal,many gimbals have troubles when balance the gimbal,they need an extra gimbal stand to balance the camera,but SteadyGim15 don’t need it.


– 20mm Carbon fiber manufactured;
– Foldable handlebar can be use as a gimbal stand
– Easy to balance the gimbal
– Brushless motor direct drive;
– Camera Types: Canon 5d,GH3,GH4, etc…
– Quick release camera mount
– This product is a ready to use version
– Gimbal weight 1420g wwithout camera included

Motor Specifications:(roll,pitch and pan)

-Model: iPower GBM5208H-200T
-Turns: 200
-Magnet: 12
-Slots: 14
-Shaft diameter: 12.6mm
-Motor size: 63*24

Package Includes:

1 x 3-axis carbon fiber gimbal Kit(Handheld version)
3 x GBM5208H-200 motors
1 x 32bit AlexMos Gimbal Brushless controller
1 x Joystick

For more: BestableCam.

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