Over on REDUser comes news from Nick Fury that Bright Tangerine will have the Strummer II matte box out very soon:

Bright Tangerine Matte Box Shown...

Bright Tangerine Matte Box Shown…

Here is Nick’s post…

Bright Tangerine has been quite busy and responsive to the commentary and requirements of the community. Many members here and, in the at large film community, have embraced the quality and service that they have offered.

Well, they have listened once again and Strummer has evolved…

Strummer II

The first, and always welcome alteration is decreased weight.
Lighter is Better.

Switching between 6” and 5.65” is more facile.
Faster is Better.

Field of view is now wider than an Arri MB14 6” mattebox, whilst remaining just as compact as the original strummer.
Wider Field of View is Better.

The core has been improved for additional strength.
Stronger is Better.

There are also tilting, anti reflecting module and dual, bladed side wings.
Accessories are Better.

The new Strummer II will be more affordable.
More affordable is Best…

Due – end of January, 2014. More to follow.

Thank you very much


Please see REDUser for more, and hit Bright Tangerine up for information straight out of the horses mouth.

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