What a couple of weeks does camera gossip make…


Sony masters of the rehashed PR campaign (think “The Next Big Thing”) have tarted up their old #TheNewF buzzhash for the F5 and F55 cameras and draped a red curtain over their newest social media darling #NewFTransformed. Actually there is no red curtain for now, but this is Sony remember, they have used red predominantly in their last 3 camera launch teasers.

Posted on Sony’s Community Forum comes the news that NAB 2014 is going to be a double rainbow moment for Sony F5 and F55 camera owners.

F55 and F5 Year One: Looking back and looking forward

You probably want to know what’s “new” for NAB. We have much to share with you in the next six weeks. We can’t give it all away, but we’re certain that everyone who currently owns or is waiting to purchase a Sony F series camera will be delighted. You can expect a series of weekly posts in this forum on what to expect at NAB 14. Be sure to check back here often, and track the hashtag #NewFTransformed on social media for our updates.

As we celebrate the first anniversary of the F55 and F5, we would like to reflect on how far Sony digital motion picture cameras have come – and to anticipate where we’re going.

Sony has been at the cutting edge of electronic Cinematography since before it was “digital.” We created the world’s first commercial HD camera and recorder, the world’s first HD camcorder, the world’s first 24p HD camcorder, and the world’s first true 4K digital motion picture camera.

The F55 and F5 camera’s design mantra was “Completely New Everything.” New sensor. New modular chassis. New viewfinders. New GUI. New codecs. New recording media. Just as important, they embody our attitude of continuous improvement based on your suggestions, plus a roadmap of dramatically expanding possibilities.

Today, Sony 4K cameras are all over the airwaves, including “The Big Bang Theory,” “Community,” “The Blacklist,” “Mom,” “Save Me,” “Trophy Wife,” and “Rake.” They’re shooting for the big screen too, from “Annie” and “Tomorrowland” to the just-released “About Last Nite.” Sony 4K has done Super Slow Motion and HD cutouts at the World Series, pro football and international soccer. In fact, Sony 4K has found a home in just about every genre of production.

To date, we have delivered on all our promised upgrades, and then some. Consider just a sample of what we’ve added in the past year:

HDCAM SRFile recording
Wi-Fi remote
Anamorphic de-squeeze
2K RAW up to 240p, XAVC HD up to 180p
CA-4000 adapter for 4K live TV production with the F55
LA-FZB1 and FZB2 B4 lens adapters
Center Scan mode for B4 and S16 lenses
4K RAW overcranking and undercranking
SLog3, and Sgamut3.Cine

We thank everyone who have posted their comments to our Community forum, emailed us directly or cornered us at industry conferences and shows. Your experiences have helped us bring the F55 and F5 to maturity. Your suggestions have made our roadmap even better. By all means, please keep sending us your input, so we can continue to develop the real-world tools you need.

And we’re not about to rest on our laurels, with the same cameras will come surprising new capabilities


Thanks again for your support.


Sony CineAlta team

So the F5 and F55 cameras are getting official facelifts and Sony F65 camera owners are asking where is their love…

In Contrast… Posted on the F65 forum

will there be any room for new updates for F65 ? or it’s done deal

where is that marketing hype that was in 2012 launch ?

I haven’t seen anyone from Sony on these F65 boards for a while.

C’mon Sony show us a sign of life!

Check out Sony F65 Twitter account for more of how they are giving less to F65 operators.

A quick scan on Twitter shows there is very little reaction so far to using the hashtag #NewFTransformed… Pity #TheNewF become #NewFTransformed, so would have loved #TheNewNewF.

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