The American karaoke live band Rock X posted on their Twitter account that they had to cancel a May 14th show at Kings Tavern Leesburg due to internal band issues.

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Maybe someone in the band knows just how stuffed up asking for female only videographers / photographers to work for a beer tab and social media shout outs is.

So no pay at all, only alcohol and a mention to their 23 Insta, 130 Facebook, and 12 Twitter Followers are your compensation.

Oh and you are asked not to have a penis or hit on the lead female singer of this cover band.

Sounds like your type of gig? Read the Rock X Craigslist ad posted on the 22nd of July and apply.

Our group needs someone to capture video and photo’s at our gigs. If you want to practice your craft in a live setting, Rock X is inviting to join our band at various gigs around town. We play at bars, weddings, private parties, corporate events, etc. We recently played the Willard Hotel on the 4th of July.

Our band has a unique twist because we specialize in live band karaoke. Our issue is that we have had incredible excitement at our shows and we are not capturing that in photography and video to use for marketing purposes.

We can’t offer any compensation at this time other than including you on our beer tab. That could change as our gig fees keep increasing. If you are trying to be noticed as a photographer, we can plug your services over our various media outlets. Also, we would prefer a female because we do have a beautiful female singer and we would like to avoid guys hitting on her (not that a girl wouldn’t hit on her too, just less likely).

We gig two to three Saturdays a month and we leave out of Chantilly. You can catch a ride with the band.

If you have photography skills and have ever wanted to be involved with a party band, we are the group for you.

Please reply if interested.

thanks, Rock X Band

Here is a taste of the exciting opportunity Rock X are providing you.

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