Shooters can go from Basic to Fully-Equipped with one Mattebox


Schneider Optics introduce the breakthrough Cine.1 MatteBox MB 565. Developed to meet the rigorous demands of today’s diverse cinematic productions, this modular system is expandable to accommodate the widest variety of camera/lens combinations and light control applications. A user can start with a cost-effective single stage clip-on version and build it up to a 2 or 3-stage rod-mounted mattebox that is unsurpassed by any other system on the market.

Whether using the clip-on version or building it up for use on 15mm or 19mm rods, the Cine.1 MatteBox freely expands or contracts from one to three filter stages, each 360° rotatable. The system is available with either 5.65X5.65 or 4×5.65 filter trays. Designed with a 150mm back, the MB 565 is fully compatible with today’s super-wide lenses.

To optimize positioning, users can achieve tilt control by activating the rosettes. Additionally the unit features an integrated 5mm +/- horizontal/vertical adjustment function to facilitate lens placement.

Designed and manufactured in Munich, Germany, the MB 565 is both durable and lightweight. It is equipped with essential features and attachment points for the variety of brilliantly conceived accessories. Even the foldable French flag and articulated adjustable side wings are custom crafted and highly functional. Those wishing to attach handles will be happy to see that the rosettes are ready to accommodate. Other optional add-ons such as a swing-away bracket, cheese-plate, filter tray catcher, masks and a case are all readily available. Cine.1 components are available individually or in kits that include side flags (top flag is always included), step down rings and hard case.

Chrosziel products are manufactured in Germany and exclusively distributed in the United States by Schneider Optics. For more information about the Chrosziel line of equipment in the US, contact:, or call 818-766-3715 and visit

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