Lenses at NAB 2017 ( Central Hall – booth number C9039 ), a Comprehensive, Versatile and Innovative Product Line

At NAB 2017, Thales Angénieux will highlight its complete Optimo, Optimo Style (including a new lens) and Type EZ Series range of lenses , in both Spherical and Anamorphic. Featuring unmistakable performance and unique characteristics, the comprehensive lens exhibit will allow visitors to see and experience the industry’s leading zoom lenses. Angénieux will also present new solutions to increase its lens versatility and creative ability.

NAB 2017: A New Lightweight Compact Zoom Lens in the Angénieux Optimo Style Line

Angénieux is very pleased to present at NAB 2017 a new zoom lens in the Optimo Style line that should meet the highest interest of cinematographers.

The Optimo Style 48-130 T3 is the third lightweight compact zoom lens in the Angénieux Optimo Style line. It joins the Optimo Style 16-40 T2.8 and 30-76 T2.8, the two other lightweight compact zooms of the range, and the 10x Optimo Style 25-250 T3.5.

The new Optimo Style 48-130 is the longest zoom in the lightweight series . It weighs only 4.3lb/1.95kg and has a Close Focus at 3’1”/0.94m. It is the perfect lens for close-ups, portraits, or tight shots either handheld, on Steadicam, remote heads, gimbals, rigs, or drones.

The Angénieux Optimo Style 48-130 has superb optical performances. It covers an image circle up to 34.6mm diameter ( RED 8K helium sensor or ARRI Open Gate for instance) with a constant T3 aperture throughout the entire zoom range. As with the rest of the Optimo Style family, it has no ramping when zooming in, minimal breathing , distortion and optical aberration. The lens shares the familiar, precise, rugged construction of the Optimo Style series with 320 degree rotation of the focus barrel, and industry standard 0.8M gears on the focus, iris and zoom barrels.

With only three compact and lightweight zoom lenses, cinematographers can now cover a focal length range from 16mm to 130mm, and up to 260 mm with the Angénieux 2x Optimo extender.

As its two companions Optimo Style 16-40 and 30-76, the Optimo Style 48-130 has an easily interchangeable PL mount to Canon EF or Panavision PV mount and can be used with the Angénieux Servo Unit (ASU) with integrated motors for remote control with industry standard wireless and broadcast control systems. It also can be fitted with the Angénieux 1.4x and 2x Optimo extenders. This new Angenieux addition should meet the interest of all cinematographers who look for the Angénieux worldwide famous excellence at an affordable price. The lens will fit the latest digital cameras and cameras with mirror shutters and match with the rest of the Angénieux line as well as the best brands of prime lenses. The lens should be available on the market Q4/2017

NAB 2017: Angénieux presents two new accessories for its anamorphic lenses

Angénieux’s development teams, in their continuous passion to meet Angénieux customers’ and users’ needs, continuously strive to develop innovative solutions to increase Angénieux lens versatility and creative ability.

Special Uncoated Element for Optimo 56-152 A2S and 30-72 A2S

Special Coated Rear Element for Optimo 44-440 A2S

Angénieux has pioneered a revolutionary modular lens design that enables different lens configurations. The IRO TechnologyTM, standing for Interchangeable Rear Optics, allows the lens technicians at rental houses to convert the 10x anamorphic zoom – the Optimo 44-440 A2S – into a 10x spherical zoom, while maintaining pristine image quality that users would expect from their Optimo lens.

At NAB 2017, to add an even more distinctive look to the Angénieux anamorphic image, Angénieux presents two new stand –alone accessories for its anamorphic line. The two short zooms -Optimo 56-152A2S and 30-72A2S -can be equipped with an uncoated front element which offers a softer contrast image with additional flares around highlights, whereas the 10x Optimo 44-440A2S can be fitted with a special coated rear element that enhances blue flare. Both accessories can be bought separately and be installed (or removed) by lens technicians without affecting the superb basic image characteristics such as well controlled breathing and distortion. These two new accessories will be available Q3/2017

Angénieux anamorphic lens line

AT NAB 2017, Angénieux will exhibit its full anamorphic zoom lens line, including three zooms: two lightweight compact zoom lenses Optimo 56-152 A2S T4 and Optimo 30-72 A2S T4, and a 10x, the Optimo 44-440 A2S T4.5. The creative virtues of anamorphic lenses have become even more important in the digital age, where cinematographers are seeking a distinctive look to enrich every project. The Angénieux anamorphic zoom lenses add a dimensional character to the image with the traditional 2x squeeze, yet minimizing breathing and distortion by adopting a modern optical design.

The three Angénieux anamorphic zooms are based on the same design with the cylindrical optical elements integrated in the rear part of the lens. They inherit the quality and agility of the short Optimo spherical zooms. The Optimo 56-152 A2S and the Optimo 30-72 A2S are the lightest and most compact anamorphic zoom lenses ever made. Developing a high magnification anamorphic 10x zoom companion, the 44-440 A2S, has been a new major step in completing the line.

The Angénieux anamorphic compact zooms can be motorized with the ASU –Angénieux Servo Unit. The Optimo 1.4x extender can be mounted on the Optimo 44-440 A2S A2S whereas the Optimo 2x extender can be used on both Optimo 30-72 A2S and Optimo 44-440 A2S making them respectively a 60-144mm T8 and a 88-880mm T9.

NAB 2017: Angenieux Type EZ Series now delivering

At NAB 2017, Angénieux with its two partners Band Pro Film & Digital Inc. and Jebsen Industrial Technology Co. Ltd., is very pleased to announce the success of its new Angenieux Type EZ Series and that the Angenieux type EZ-1 are now starting to deliver.

A special Happy hour at BandPro’s booth (central Hall – C10308) dedicated to this successful partnership will take place on Tuesday , April 25 at 5 p.m.

Designed for both Super 35mm digital motion picture cameras, and FF/VistaVision cameras, the new Angenieux Type EZ series has been created to fill the wide gap between still photography zooms, and the highly acclaimed OPTIMO / OPTIMO STYLE family of lenses used in the motion picture industry. For the first time, ENG-style productions will get the flexibility necessary for run-and-gun shooting, combined with high optical quality at an affordable price.

The Angenieux Type EZ Series features two new fast and light weight zooms, both lenses allow the rear lens group to be exchanged between S35mm (up to 30mm image diagonal), and FF/ VistaVision formats (up to 46mm image diagonal) thanks to the Angénieux innovative modular lens design integrating the IRO TechnologyTM- Interchangeable Rear Optics.

The Angenieux Type EZ-1 is a standard zoom lens with a zoom factor of 3x. When configured for S35mm cameras, the focal range and aperture are set to 30-90mm F1.9 / T2. By exchanging the rear lens group, the lens becomes a 45-135mm F2.8 / T3 covering an image circle up to 46mm diagonal.

The Angenieux Type EZ-2 is a wide zoom lens with a zoom factor of 2.7x. When configured for S35mm cameras, the focal range and aperture are set to 15-40mm F1.9 / T2. By exchanging the rear lens group, the lens becomes a 22-60mm F2.8 / T3 covering an image circle up to 46mm diagonal.

Both lenses are built in a full metal casing, with internal thermal drift compensation, which allows focus to remain constant when the temperature changes. Focus / Zoom / T-stop can be controlled precisely due to the wide rotation angle of the 3 control rings, which are also equipped with cinema industry standard gear teeth. The lens size remains consistent across the zoom range due to the internal focusing & zooming mechanism. Users can easily configure these lenses to support different imaging formats (S35 or FF/VistaVision), and different lens mounts (PL, EF, or E) on their own, without returning their lenses to service centers.
Video tutorials on https://www.youtube.com/user/AngenieuxLenses

Full frame EZ zooms will fit RED 8K VV, Red cameras recording at resolutions higher than 5.5K, ARRI Alexa Open Gate, ARRI Alexa 65 with VistaVision crop and also Full Frame DSLR cameras such as SONY a7S Mark II, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, 5DS, 1DX Mark II…and more to come. An optional hand-hold style zoom grip can be attached to the EZ lens series. Supplied with a traditional see-saw switch and camera start/stop button, the zoom grip configures the EZ lens into a traditional ENG style camera package.

The Type EZ series will address the requirements of independent videographers and cinematographers, who are seeking for cost efficient tools that enable cinematic expressions. The exceptionally fast T2 lens opening provides tremendous control of depth of field, only previously found in prime lenses. Thanks to the Angenieux innovative system, the ability to convert lens mounts, and the image circle size makes the Type EZ lens series a solid investment to all industry professionals.

The full Optimo lens line exhibited at NAB 2017

At NAB 2017, Thales Angénieux will highlight the appeal of their Optimo lenses, capturing the art of cinematography around the world.

The Optimo 19.5-94mm, 24-290mm and 28-340mm long focal range zoom lenses have quickly become an industry standard, delivering impressive contrast and color reproduction. They are the perfect lenses for high-end productions requiring speed, precision, dependability and superior optical results. Both Optimo 19.5-94mm and 28-340 mm lenses perfectly fit the latest new generation large sensor digital cameras.

The Optimo 15-40mm, 28-76mm, 45-120mm hand-held zoom lenses feature high performance characteristics that include fast aperture, no ramping and minimal to no breathing. The combined focal length of 15mm to 120mm grants unmatched versatility within the most usable focal range, while reducing production time and cost.

EF mounts as well as the Angénieux Servo Unit ASU are available for all Angénieux compact zooms.
The Angénieux 1.4x and 2x Optimo extenders are an ideal way of increasing focal length at a cost effective price without sacrificing anything to the original quality of the lens. The focal length is multiplied by 1.4x or 2x with only one or two T-stop loss at full aperture. They are also an ideal “format adapter” to cover all the image circle formats of large sensor cameras. With an extender this image circle is enlarged, thus making the lenses compatible with 6K, Open Gate, etc. They can be used on all Angenieux lenses (except Type EZ Series).

Thales Angénieux

Thales group subsidiary, Thales Angénieux is the world-renowned manufacturer of high-tech optical and optronic systems. Angénieux is a worldwide-recognized brand of zoom lenses for motion picture production. Awarded four times by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1964, 1989 and 2009, and by the Society of Camera Operatorsin 2012, in London in November 2014 by the BSC, Angénieux lenses are utilized all around the world by the most demanding image professionals. In 2017, for the 5 consecutive year, is an Official Partner of Cannes Film Festival where will take place, on May 26 Cinematography”

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