Canon’s robust and versatile COMPACT-SERVO series ( provides fantastic 4K imagery in a lightweight, yet rugged body. Combining technology from Canon’s EF, Cinema, and Broadcast lens lines, this series produces dependable performance for a broad array of shooting environments. With built-in image stabilization, autofocus, and auto iris (when used on compatible cameras), these powerful lenses offer some of the most popular features of Canon EF lenses, while also delivering cinematic look and feel, with the ability to be used ENG-style like a broadcast lens. A servo drive unit comes standard with these lenses, allowing for intuitive and smooth control of the zoom via either the buttons on the lens or the optional ZSG-C10 handheld grip attachment.

Nathan Golon is a cinematographer, director, and co-founder of GoodFight Media based in Washington, DC. He has worked as a cinematographer for documentaries that have premiered at major film festivals and has filmed in nearly 40 countries. Needless to say, when traveling all over the world to film in remote places, he needs his equipment to have a small footprint, be lightweight, and be able to withstand the rigors of run-and-gun shooting, while also performing to his exacting standards.

When Nathan had the opportunity to get his hands on a COMPACT-SERVO lens, he immediately found that it was ideal for his needs on his next project in rural Mexico.

Boffo Video is a Southern California based production company, capturing weddings, corporate events, and commercials. Started in 2010, they now have a team of 11 videographers who have filmed over 450 weddings all over the country. For founder Paul Santiago, the key to successfully capturing a wedding is to travel light and to go unnoticed.

When Paul had the opportunity to test a COMPACT-SERVO lens, he was thrilled with its performance, and how its small size allowed him to blend into the background and capture events unfolding naturally.

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