Braincell Camera performed a mId-priced cinema comparison lens test.

Which one performs better to you?

Braincell Camera Lens Test of MId-Priced Cinema Lenses from Braincell Camera on Vimeo.

This was a test of a number of mid-priced cinema lenses at their wide-open settings. It features the new Celere HS 85mm/T1.5, the Zeiss CP.2 85mm/T2.1, the Schneider Xenon FF 75mm/T2.1, the Leica-R (cinevised) 90mm/f2.0, the Zeiss Contax (cinevised) 85mm/f1.4, the Canon L-Series 85mm/f1.2, and the vintage Cooke 18-100mm/T3.0 zoom lens.

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