AeroCapture Show-Reel 2014 from Aero Capture on Vimeo.

AeroCapture provides low altitude, high definition (1080p) aerial photography. Utilising unmanned aerial vehicle aircrafts as our camera platforms. Enabled with GPS locational electronics, and a gyro stabilized brushless gimbal, they provide an aerial platform for capturing stunningly clear high definition (HD) video, photo stills, panoramas, and orbital images.

Our unmanned aerial vehicle can operate from ground level to an altitude of 400 feet and provide images from angles and perspectives which cannot be delivered by a full-sized aircraft. The small size of our aerial cameras permit a safe take-off and landing in tight areas. They are also unobtrusive and quiet as they are powered by LiPo batteries. AeroCapture photography services include construction site progress, Inspections, commercial and residential properties, parks and gardens. We provide impressive video or still images for your website, marketing tools and health and safety presentations.

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