Two new gimbal controllers from Phobotic, the Centerpiece and the Centerpiece HV to smooth out your camera vision.

Phobotic Centerpiece is a brand new, super powerful gimbal controller board. For people running Alexmos based gimbals this is basically a drop in replacement, and for those building DIY gimbals from scratch this is a total revelation.

Phobotic Centerpiece HV

Phobotic Centerpiece
Photobotic Cenerpiece Features:

Fully Automatic Tuning

Zero operator intervention needed in setup phase. Complete plug and play. Sensor orientation, PID parameters and motor power as well as other proprietary tuning parameters are deduced by the firmware at the end of an automated setup process (typically taking a minute to complete).

CANBUS Interconnects

CANBUS communication between the IMU and the main board ensures reliable, high-throughput, low-latency communication at hostile environments, even when motors are driven with 40v or more. CANBUS also enables unprecedented system scalability, with multiple parallel IMU and additional interface units.

Dual IMU Support (19 Axis Sensing)

Choice of single or dual IMU, each equipped with 9DoF sensing (gyro, accelerometer, compass). All components onboard the IMU communicate with the IMU processor using a high-throughput SPI bus. In addition, the main controller is equipped with an onboard barometer.

Dual/Triple Processor, Low Latency Architecture

The Centerpiece architecture uses a dedicated CPU for motor drive and motion control DSP algorithms. A separate CPU on the sensor unit drives the attitude estimation and sensor filtering algorithms. This yields an extremely low latency operation, even with our computationally demanding algorithms. Phobotic architecture also ensures perfect parallelism when two IMUs are being utilized.

Phobotic Centerpiece Brushless Gimbal Controller – Dual GoPro Hero 3 on DJI Phantom, custom gimbal

Phobotic Centerpiece Brushless Gimbal Controller (Panasonic GH4 on TP1000 gimbal)

Flight is after autotuning, with no manual setup.

Photobotic Cenerpiece Features Continued:

Operation At Any Angle

Whether operated with single or dual IMU, CP algorithms compensate for gimbal tilt at any angle (even operating inverted).

Fully Independent Cinematic Follow Modes

Proprietary cinematic algorithms for smooth operator/vehicle follow can be enabled for each axis, completely independently of each other.
Active Vibration Damping

The Centerpiece uses specially developed DSP algorithms for realtime vibration detection and cancellation.

Absolute Heading Reference

The use of compass in the IMU allows drift-free absolute position hold on all axes, including yaw.

Onboard Setup Interface

The Centerpiece is equipped with a strip of 5 bicolor LEDs, two flanking buttons and a buzzer to enable simple configuration changes in the field without using any external device.

Flexible Connectivity

Dual Spektrum satellite inputs, Futaba SBUS in/out and 4 in + 4 in/out PWM ports ensure unmatched connectivity. The Centerpiece supports a fully assignable 16 channel matrix on all I/O interfaces (the operator can freely mix Spektrum, SBUS and PWM).

Precise Battery Voltage Compensation

High resolution battery voltage compensation ensures constant drive at any point during flight.

Please see Phobotic for more on their Centerpiece gimbal control boards.

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