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A few months ago, Canon introduced their new CN20x50 IAS lens, which features an impressive focal range of 50mm-1000mm at T5.0 to T8.9. A Super 35mm lens with this focal length and zoom ratio is very rare, but it certainly has many applications in sports and nature documentary situations.

The lens is 4K-ready, with an image circle of 31.4mm, and is available in either a PL or EF mount. It also features a 1.5x multiplier for additional reach of 75mm-1500mm.

As a member of the Cine-Servo family, the 50-1000mm also supports the same communication protocols – Cooke /i Technology is included with the PL model and Canon EOS with the EF model. The servo unit can also work with traditional Canon zoom and focus control systems. I got a chance to check out this lens the other day and took it outside of our shop to get an idea of what it can do. Check out the video above to learn more and see the impressive zoom range for yourself.

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