Hot Shot Remote Heads and Super Maxi-Jib Camera Crane Rise Above the Rest to Provide Smooth, Rhythmic Workflow

As one of Chicago’s finest digital cinema production companies, Pink Hippo Productions (PHP) is sought out for its dynamic cinematic expertise. Experienced in the latest techniques in digital filmmaking, Pink Hippo takes great pride in providing its clients with creativity, professionalism and a balanced workflow for their production needs.

Egripment Gear in action on the sets of Pink Hippo productions

The company understands the importance of using the highest quality gear on the market and that’s why it relies on the Super Maxi-jib camera crane and Hot Shot Remote Heads from Egripment Support Systems, manufacturer of high-end camera support systems and remote broadcast solutions for the film and broadcast industries.

Pink Hippo Executives Nicholas Puetz and Ioannis “John” Xydis first became familiar with Egripment’s gear while still students at Columbia College Chicago’s film school. In about 2004, Egripment President Constant Tresfon made a generous donation of company equipment, including a Hot Shot Remote Head, controls and accessories to the students and faculty. After having had the opportunity to experience the Egripment gear first-hand, the duo then reached out to the company directly in 2014 for a large Egripment purchase, which included the Super Maxi-jib and Hot Shot crane, for their soon-to-be-established Pink Hippo Productions. Since then, they have used the gear for projects such as TLC network’s made-for-TV movie Secret Santa; the independent feature film Double Yellow Lines, directed by Maria Pulera; and a commercial dubbed Lemon Soprano.

Egripment Gear in action on the sets of Pink Hippo productions 1

“Pink Hippo Productions is incredibly satisfied with the purchases of our Super Maxi-jib and steel track as well as the Hotshot Remote Head systems,” says Puetz. “Since we started in business, our Egripment gear has helped us land the jobs we want. The types of projects we service range from corporate campaigns to feature films, television pilots and commercials. Clients come to us because we sell our systems on the quality of the gear. We are able to get the job done more efficiently because the gear that Egripment makes is of the highest quality available and can handle the weight of the best camera systems out there. The shots are easier to execute and the end result is smoother and cleaner when compared to lesser quality systems.”

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