Fusion-io introduces the Fusion ioFX, which accelerates workstations so digital artists can do more than ever before. The ioMemory-based ioFX brings the power of ioMemory to professional workstations, enabling artists to conduct real-time stereoscopic content creation, video and image editing and compositing, video playback and rendering, and many more data-intensive digital production activities.

Designed to eliminate data bottlenecks that slow the creative production process for digital artists, the Fusion ioFX enables creative professionals to meet deadlines while exploring more artistic possibilities by bridging the performance gap between workstations and today’s powerful digital content creation applications.

“Fusion’s ioMemory products have helped Pixomondo not only meet tight deadlines, but also explore new ideas and approaches that otherwise might never have been possible because of the time it would take to make changes and new effects,” said Ben Grossmann, Visual Effects Supervisor at Pixomondo and 2012 Academy Award® Winner for Best Achievement in Visual Effects. “Pixomondo used ioMemory during our work on ‘Hugo.’ It’s incredibly liberating to know you don’t have to wait anymore to see how an effect might look. As a new memory tier for accelerating our workstations, Fusion-io’s technology unlocked the potential of our tools and our creativity.”

In recent years, the design process has been significantly slowed by the increased resolution of digital cameras. As film projects are moving from 2K to 4K and beyond, the amount of data in the pipeline is increasing dramatically. Stereoscopic movies double the amount of data studios have to deal with, and moving to higher resolutions and frame rates further increases the data set. This means that upcoming stereoscopic blockbusters like “The Hobbit,” which are being filmed in 5K at 48 frames per second, represent a massive data workload.

The Fusion ioFX will greatly accelerate these types of data-intensive projects, allowing visual artists to manipulate digital content with ease to accelerate the visual editing process by bridging the gap between creative potential and hardware performance.

Pricing and Availability

The Fusion ioFX will be available from Fusion-io and select resellers in late Spring 2012 at a list price of $2,495 U.S., which includes a one-year support contract.

For more information on ioFX or Fusion-io visit fusionio.com and Follow ioFX on Twitter to get a sneak peek at their video contest they will be launching next month. The grand prize includes a Red Scarlet camera!

ioFX Video Production Contest

To enable artists to tell the ioFX story in their own words, Fusion-io is launching a video production contest on May 31, 2012. Artists will be able to create their own 60-second short incorporating footage posted on the Fusion ioFX Facebook page. Fusion-io Chief Scientist Steve Wozniak and actor Danny Trejo will be among the contest judges, with prizes including a Red Scarlet camera, Adobe Creative Suite software, and Fusion ioFX. The contest finalists will be invited to SIGGRAPH 2012 in Los Angeles for the grand prize ceremony. Artists can learn more starting today at www.fusionio.com/ioFX

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