Julio Ramon Product Manager at ikan, demonstrates how to use the PD Movie Remote Air 2 wireless lens control system.

The Remote Air 2 wireless follow focus is not just a new generation of the Remote Air–it’s a new experience. The Remote Air 2 perfectly combines the receiver into the lens motor, reducing the weight by 200g. Imported from Germany, the brushless motor is impeccable and can drive various professional camera lenses such as the Angenieux/Arri Ultra/Cooke.

-German engineered high precision lightweight, thin, and quiet motor compatible with 19 or 15mm rods
-High torque motor capable of operating all types of lenses from still photography to high end cine lenses
-360 degree hand control unit knob with a 7200 resolution
-Communicates through a 20 channel 2.4 Ghz wireless protocol, and has a signal transmission distance of 100m

PD1-N (Single Channel): https://bit.ly/2f9FKZ7
PD2-N (Dual Channel): https://bit.ly/2f9ArJj

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