Schneider Optics announces a $2500 Rebate on a new set of 6 groundbreaking Cine Xenar III lenses purchased from November 1 through the end of February 2014.

Cine Xenar III Lenses

The Cine Xenar III lens family currently consists of: 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 95mm. Those purchasing individual lenses are eligible for a $400 per lens rebate. Plus for the limited time of the promotion, all Cine Xenar III purchasers can take advantage of the extended five-year warranty.

The color-matched PL-mount prime lenses are designed specifically for 35mm sensor digital cinematography cameras, providing a 31.5mm image circle for coverage of 2K/4K/5K Cinema, and Canon 7D sensors. The Cine Xenar III lenses feature ultra-close focus, telecentric optical design, and identical external dimensions to facilitate ease of lens change. They are available in PL, Canon, or Nikon mounts.

The rebate covers Cine Xenar III lenses purchased from Schneider Optics Inc. or its authorized dealers during the period from Nov. 1, 2013 to Feb. 28, 2014.

Rebate checks in the appropriate amount will be issued within 30 days of the receipt of a copy of the invoice, and are subject to verification of the sale. The promotion is valid on lenses sold by Schneider Optics authorized dealers that were purchased from Schneider Optics, Inc. This end-user promotion does not cover lenses purchased for rental inventory.

In addition, the company is extending the original one-year factory warranty to five-years on all Cine Xenar III lenses purchased from Schneider Optics Inc. or its authorised dealers, between November 1, 2013 and midnight, February 28, 2014.

Please see Schneider for more about their Cine Xenar III lens promotion.

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