Picked this one up from Justin O’Neill, one of the good guys from RoyalGalactic; and it’s the Leica M series lens mount which enables the utilization of one of the world’s finest lens systems on the Red Epic Camera.

The SpaceCam Lens Mount System for fitting of M Series lenses to Epic Camera permits use of the 16-18-21mm Tri Elmar F 4, (at 20mm or 21mm setting), 35mm Summarit F 2.5, 50mm Noctolux F 0.95 and all Leica M series lenses of longer focal lengths with no camera modifications. Developments are under way to permit the entire M series to be used with the RED EPIC camera.

In addition to the Epic Leica M lens mount, SpaceCam is now introducing a similar mount for the Arriflex Alexa. With the Alexa there is ample room behind the mount to accommodate the entire series of Leica M lenses. The mechanics of both mounts are virtually identical and of a unique design (patent pending). This system uses no spring tension elements to secure the lens but relies upon a precision method of drawing and locking the lens against the mating surface. The resultant rigidity ensures the lens will stay in contact with the collimated mounting surface under conditions of vibration or acceleration.

There is about a 6 week lead time for the Leica M Lens Mount and expect to pay around $1,950.00

See SpaceCam for more information

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