Here are 12 8K videos on YouTube you may have not seen. With one of them allegedly from a phone and one from a Midi music upload. Yes you read that right… Midi from back in the 90’s.

There are a stack of 8K videos on YouTube many of which we have already covered.

12 more for you here…

From 360 Labs

8K Test – Haleakala National Park 360 Video

YouTube recently added support for video files up to 8K, so we thought we’d give it a try. Is your computer beefy enough to handle the 8k stream? Let us know, leave a comment!

From Frozen Snow…
video removed

From Dubai360…

8K 360 Degree Timelapse of Dubai Marina

Enjoy this extraordinary 8K resolution 360 degree timelapse, shot from the top of Princess Tower, Dubai’s second tallest building after the Burj Khalifa.
A new addition to our collection of 8K 360 degree interactive videos taken from the pinnacle of Dubai’s most prestigious skyscrapers.

Dubai360 present the world’s first 8K 360 degree video

This is the first 8K resolution 360 degree interactive video ever made available for public viewing.

A 24 hour timelapse from Dubai Airport – the world’s busiest international airport.

8K 360 Degree Timelapse of Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road

A new, mesmerising, 8K resolution 360 degree video, shot over the course of 24h from the pinnacle of Yaquob Tower on Dubai’s main thoroughfare, Sheikh Zayed Road.
This timelapse is the first in our series of 8K 360 degree interactive videos taken from pinnacles of skyscrapers in Dubai.
Stay tuned for more!

8K 360 Degree Timelapse from the Burj Khalifa Pinnacle

We’ve reached new heights! Watch this incredible 8K resolution 360 degree video, shot over the course of 24h from the top of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa!

From SooHo Park

8K Timelapse (ProRes Proxy)

Full write upon the 8K Timelapse workflow:

8K Timelapse (MPEG4 70%)

From The Economy Channel

8K Sample (Bridge) [First 8K!]

Thank You for Watching!

Video removed


Time-lapse in 8K (Nokia 808 PureView smartphone – Havířov twilight)

Time-lapse video in 8K resolution using the Nokia 808 PureView smartphone. 1257 images taken using the interval shooting with 5 seconds intervals were used.… and… . We also used multiexposure technique – 32 images werre stacked together in orde to minimize the noise and make the motion blur effect.

From kunglau master

8k 4320p Zoneplate

From Hugh Jass

Guild Wars 2 dynamic super resolution 8k test video…with legendary!

I was playing Guild Wars 2 on my native 4k monitor with 8k dynamic super resolution and wanted to see any noticeable improvements. Be warned, it’s just a slideshow! I remember when I first got the bow and it shot out unicorn heads.

I’ve concluded that setting the game’s resolution to 1440p is optimal between performance and graphics because when set to 4k the improvements are marginal and at 8k even less so. However, 8k mode was great for taking screenshots.

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