Mattias Burling has put 14 cameras to the test to see the degree of recorded moire they show. Mattias used a bunch of Sony cameras, Pansonic, Blackmagic Design, and even a Digital Bolex on his moire testing.

Two blocks from my house stands ”The Building of Moire”. This is an updated version where I have added more cameras, now 14 in total.
Moire is usually not something to worry that much about in my opinion. But I d like to know how my different cameras handle it so I can avoid it.

Cameras Used:

Sony NEX5t
Sony a6000
Sony FS100
Sony AX100
Sony A7
Sony A7ii
Panasonic LX100
Panasonic HMC151
Panasonic GM1
Canon XC10
Blackmagic Pocket
Blackmagic 4K Production
Digital Bolex
Samsung NX1

Moire Is a Myth!

Mattias’ other videos as well:…

Music: Josh Woodward ”Honcho Graham From Birmingham”

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