Dear Filmmaker

Hope you are busy.

Would you like to make your own camera LUTs?

Do you own or use any of the following cameras?

Sony F65
Sony F55
Sony F5
Sony F3
Sony FS7
Sony F35
Sony a7S
ARRI Amira
ARRI Alexa
Canon C500
Canon C300
Canon C300 MKII
Nikon D800
Panasonic VariCam 35

If you answered yes, then read on my friend, as this will interest you greatly.

Ben Turley has a website where you can experiment and make your very own camera LUTs. Ben’s LUTCalc – 1D & 3D Cube LUT Calculator v2.1 has all sorts of goodies, such as Grading LUTs and Camera LUTs, Recorded Gamma, Output Gamma, CineEI ISO, Stop Correction, ASC-CDL, Knee Levels, Black Level / Highlight level, and you can even import your LUTs to look at and work on with the LUTCalc.

LUTCalc 1D  3D Cube LUT Calculator v2.1
Of course you can save your freshly minted LUT and output them as .cube, .ilut, .olut, .lut, .3dl, .spi3d, .spi1d, or as a .3dl LUT file.

Anyway great catching up as always.

Take care and may your your lens catch the flare


P.S Here is where you will be able to make your own LUTs: LutCalc.

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