Zoom FRC-8 Control Panel With 8 Faders for the F4 and F8 Leaked

It looks like Zoom have a control panel set to drop with eight faders for the F4 Audio MuliTack Field Recorder.


Check out pages 125-132 on the F4 manual available on the Zoom website and there is a whole section dedicated to a totally new FRC-8 control panel.

No doubt the F8 will also work with the FRC-8 too.

So download the Zoom F4 Manual, I dare you to see for yourself the Zoom FRC-8 will add a stack of handy features to the already awesome F4 field recorder.

Some of the features of the FRC-F8:

8 Faders
The FRC-8 control panel can adjust trim, fader and pan settings on the Zoom F4.
Via a USB port you will be able to attach a Japanese or American computer keyboard to input settings.
You can assign functions to the FRC-8 User Keys.
The FRC-8 will have adjustable brightness transport controls with backlit LED’s.

See the Zoom F4 webpage and scroll down to the download section to see for yourself.

From the F4 Manual here is the FRC-8 Control Panel features / instructions:


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