Hey did you see that GoPro cage called the Z Cage by Korean gear maker Gini? That’s right you and everyone else missed it on eBay.

Well it could have been yours for the measly sum of US $25.00 plus postage… Postage was more than the Z Cage by the way.

Z Cage for GoPro

Z Cage for Gopro HERO

All CNC machined
100% custom made
High quality

Auction Include:

1x Z cage for Gopro

Made by Gini

Thanks for looking !

Z Cage for GoPro by Gini

Gini Z Cage for GoPro

Gini Z Cage

Z Cage by Gini

Gini Z GoPro Cage

We looked up madebygini.com and it appears to be non existent.

Try Gini on eBay again for a cost effective GoPro cage.

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