Here is a special little treat for all our UK based readers… TestFlight Beta test sports in UHDTV!!

A gift voucher of 10 GBP was available for the first 50 participants.

Would you like to trial iXperience and watch the Commonwealth Games in Ultra HD (4 times the resolution of standard HD) on your iPad?


The iXperience app will allow you to pan and zoom in the UHD live video stream of the Commonwealth Games, captured by the BBC R&D, so you are able to see the scene in an amazing level of details.

To participate in the trial you will need to meet the following requirements:
• Have an iPad 4 (or newer) with iOS 7 (or higher) installed.
• Have an internet connection at home (8 Mbit or higher).
• Reside in the UK during the Commonwealth Games.

Please register your iPad device as well, so you can download the iXperience app once it is made available.

HERE is where to go to get the most out of the Comm Games.

Picture via iXperience.

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