Ed David is back and cranking out camera tests from 2008 again…

(Sony F35 vs Arri Amira) Skintone, Sharpness Comparison Test – Prison Inmate Test Shoot from Ed David on Vimeo.

Testing quick skin tone test – with fujifilm look on Alexa and Sony F35 – seeing if they can intercut. Was able to film at San Alomos Prison with inmate #45654 as my model. He got two days good behavior for being my subject. Just kidding Dave – love you man.

So Amira was on 100mm ultra prime on sticks
Sony F35 was handheld with 85mm ultra prime.

Opps! Should have both cameras on sticks and with same lens! Being lazy helps no one.

Anyway, I found the cameras incredibly similar looking.
Hope this little test is useful in some small way to someone out there, anywhere.

And if not, I am so sorry I wasted your time. I really am.
If I wasted your time, please comment that I wasted your time and I will reply and say, "I''m really sorry I wasted your time."

The other thing is that the f35 with odyssey 7q to dpx 12 bit is around a $10,000 solution right now and the Amira is about a $60k solution. Sure the Amira is a much nicer ergonomic system and has built in NDs and has many more nice convenient options, but really – you save $50,000.

So you save $50,000 – that's a lot of money.

This is what you can buy with $50,000.

A set of nice lenses
A house.
A really nice car
Help save the planet's infrastructure
Help save the planet's wealth discrepancy problem.
Shoot a feature film.
Bail your friend out of jail.

It can buy a lot of great things.

Remember kids, the latest technology is nice – but the best stuff from 2008 still holds up.

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