Vü Filters, a US-based optical design company committed to providing filmmakers and photographers around the world with the best handcrafted filters and filter accessories, has announced two new drop-in filter holders (75mm and 150mm) and a broad selection of new accessories to compliment their current range of products.

Vü Filters

Coming approximately one-year after the worldwide introduction of their new product line at Photokina in 2014, Vü Filters is continuing to build on the successes of the past year and continues to bring innovation and creativity to the filter holder category. Precision machined from high-quality aluminum and hand-assembled with the deepest level of care and attention, the Vü 75mm and 150mm Professional Filter Holders will certainly change the way photographers and filmmakers capture their images.

Available in photo-specialty retail stores beginning December 1, 2015, the 75mm and 150mm professional filter holders are each designed for specifically different purposes, photographers, cameras, and lenses, despite having similar features.

Photographers and filmmakers using mirror-less cameras will benefit from the lighter-weight and smaller package of the 75mm holder system, while sacrificing none of the functionality that users of the 100mm professional holder system have come to know and love.

Vü Filters Sony

For the growing number of photographers and filmmakers using super wide telephoto lenses from Canon, Nikon, Sigma, and Tamron, the Vü 150mm Professional Filter Holder System features specific lens rings for these specialty lenses, which effectively deepens the tool-bag an image maker-can use to create an image. For a complete listing of compatible lenses for the Vü 150mm Filter Holder System, please see the attached document.

Additional information is also available on https://www.VuFilters.com.

In addition to the excitement around their new filter holders, Vü Filters is also announcing a range of 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm neutral density and graduated neutral density filters. Available in the first quarter of 2016, these filters are constructed from high-quality German Schott and German Formulated Optics and feature the same special coatings and level of care and attention that all other Vü products benefit from. Coated and polished to the highest optical standards, these filters are the perfect combination of craftsmanship and optical quality.

Celebrating the announcement of these two new filter holder systems, filters, and their associated accessories, Owner and President, Jan Lederman said, “Vü Filters has proven to be an industry leader in the drop-in filter holder category this past year and we are excited to offer photographers and filmmakers all the evolving tools they need to create their images.”

Vü Filters is exclusively distributed by MAC Group in the USA and is available for purchase at a growing number of retailers around the country.

For a complete listing of dealers, pricing, and more product information, please visit: https://www.VuFilters.com

About Vü Filters

Hand crafted, hand inspected, and produced in small quantities to ensure the best optical quality and craftsmanship, Vü Filters are created for filmmakers and photographers using only the best materials. Unsurpassed in performance and construction, Vü Filters leverage years of research and development around the world to provide image-makers of all levels a new view of the world they capture.

Designed in the US, Vü UV, Polarization, and Neutral Density Filters focus on providing image-makers with the best quality filters in the world to use in fulfilling their creative visions.

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