Here we have a series of older vintage lenses tested on a RED EPIC-X camera by C-Side Productions.

Vintage Lens Test on Red Epic-X

Test of a series of Vintage lenses to see their inherent qualities and specifications in comparison with each other. Were tested:
Lomo anamorphics 35 (square front), 50 and 75mm T2.5,
Cooke 20-200 T3.1,
Angenieux 25-250 T3.9, with and without a Schneider/Century Optics PL doubler
Nikon 80-200mm T3 (Allstar PL rehousing)
Tokina 11-16mm T2.8 (Duclos PL rehousing)

So as to have a measure of comparison, the Lomos were shot in Anamorphic and all the other lenses were shot in WideScreen mode 5K, except for the Angenieux which does not cover and was therefore shot at 4K.
All shots had an identical color setting applied to them in DaVinci Resolve on a DCI WideScreen timeline (2048×858) before being exported in 1920×1080 letterbox.

The camera settings are specified below each shot.

Please talk to C-Side Productions about their vintage lens test results with the RED EPIC-X camera.

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