Saúl Oliveira a Second AC on Feature Films and Commercials has produced a Quick Guide explaining the settings of your GoPro Hero3+ camera.

Quickguide Explaining The Settings On The GoPro Hero3 Camera

All you need to know to start recording in 5 minutes. Easy explanations, suitable for professionals in multicamera action shootings and for domestic users with their cameras.

How does it work?

It is organized on cards according to the adjusment you need.
If you need to know how to take a photo power you just have to go to the Table of Contents, find “Photo Mode”, go to the corresponding card and there you´ll find the details


Easy to understand explanations to start the camera and record in 5 minutes
Direct access to the functions
High quality photos and graphics.

Complete index on 28 cards:

Buttons to control de camera menu
LCD Touch BacPac
GoPro App for smart phones and tablets
Wi-Fi Remote Control
Operation Modes and their settings
Video Mode
Photo Mode
Burst Photo Mode
Time-Lapse Mode
File System explained
Operations with micro SD cards
Low Light mode, Spot Meter and other useful settings
Table with details on Resolutions and their frame rates
Recommendations on how to use the different video formats
Recording times on micro SD cards
Sensor Areas used by the different formats

Please go to Saúl Oliveira’s Blog to catch the latest edition of the Quickguide GoPro Hero3+ and download it HERE.

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