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Vari-Focusing technology of MALS Micro Mirror Array Lens System is an unprecedented general Vari-focusing or Auto focusing technology as opposed to using Actuator VCM OR Piezo.

SD Optics Varifocal Lens Technology Vari-Focus Lens

It is a way of using MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) based multiple semiconductor Mirrors which can focus automatically through modifying its own shape.
LENS used in optics is basically made by plastic or glass for Auto Focusing on these optical systems is required LENS + Actuator. In the case of classic optical system, in order to move the lens bundles to adjust the relative distance of Image sensor for auto focusing, there many constraints are detected in operating speed (less than 100 Hz) and the service life (less than several thousand times).
However, SD OPTICS has developed MALS LENS as Auto Focusing lens as built-in itself.In addition, variable speed and service life of the Actuator would have hundreds, thousands of times more performance compared to existing methods.
Relating to this technology, there are 56 US patents and 92 worldwide patents.
SD OPTICS digital LENS technology is a reliable solution with ultra-high-speed variable surface of LENS moving less than 1 micron per each Mirror. This can be done by applying only minimal power for the repeated accurate operator at a 20nm-class mirror. Below is a summary

• World top level of Vari-Focusing speed (12,000Hz)
• Semi-permanent reliability (More than 1 billion operating cycle )
• Very low power consumption (less than 1mA)
• Very strong SHOCK resistance (5,000G)
• Operating regardless of temperature ( -30 ~ 100 deg.C )
• 3D Camera can be implemented by one Camera
• Real-Time Multi Focusing
• Adjusting optical lens
• Applicable to Volumetric 3D DISPLAY
• Compact Auto Focus and 3D camera module

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