The Dale Wakeham designed Espy camera rig available from 360 Heros is a remote operated vehicle (ROV) that is used to monitor marine environments through underwater observations.

Espy 360 Degree ROV

Mr Wakeham claims the Espy will outdate the current human diver based survey process in almost every application. Adding it is more effective, more reliable, cheaper, safer and causes much less disturbance to the natural environment.

There is no competitor ROV for marine surveys as those that exist have only a single forward facing camera and are unstable in light currents. The Espy is built off a foundation of field-proven ROV technology but adapted to better suit its operating environment. Features such as a wing design with tilting rotors and a self-levelling gyro allow it to remain controllable in harsher conditions. It also houses six GoPro cameras that enable a ‘Google Street View’ style, full-environment, 360 degree video recording

Please see 360 Heros for more information about their Espy ROV camera rig plus their other specialty camera rigs.

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