The Tooga FloCam includes a bendable counterweight arm and stackable weights. Using the weights, the operator gets balance in the “ballpark”, then adjusts the bendable arm to make fine tune adjustments until perfect balance is achieved. Set-up time with the Tooga FloCam can take less than 1 minute.

“The intuitive method of manipulating the FloCam’s support arm during set-up is much simpler and faster than setting up a rigid arm stabilizer.” – Chris Anderson, Product Designer

Tooga FloCam

To ensure ongoing stability while filming, the gimbal handle uses a very low friction u-joint and ball bearing combination. The three degrees of rotational freedom allows the camera to “Flow” through the air capturing smooth footage.
The Flocam supports iPhones, GoPros, Android, DSLRs, and any camera up to 4 lbs. The camera or smartphone can be mounted directly to the Tooga Shell using a 1/4 20 threaded knob.

Tooga Lego-Style Design:

The Tooga Flocam was carefully designed to perform as one solid piece of equipment yet contain modular parts. The “lego style” design allows the FloCam to be quickly disassembled and stored in a much smaller form for portability.
“We designed the Tooga for the creative video maker looking to get more from their gear” – Sherry Wu, Product Designer
The Bendable Arm can be removed using a simple snap connection and flipped upside down to create a low angle camera stabilizer
The Tooga Shell can be used on its own as a tripod accessory with 7 1/4-20 threaded holes to attach extra camera gear accessories such as lighting, mics, gopros, etc.

Tooga FloCam Tripod

Attach suction cups to the Tooga shell to create a strong suction cup mount that withstands speeds of 100+ miles per hour.
The small team based in Huntington Beach, CA hopes to raise at least $30k on indiegogo to produce the Flocam and to continue working on new modular concepts around the Tooga.

For more information about the Tooga FloCam Modular Camera Stabilizer with bendable arm please visit their Indiegogo campaign page.

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