Meduza is an “open source” platform 4k camera that is promised to drop in September. Expect to see an announcement from 3D Visual Enterprises, parent company of Meduza Systems about the Meduza 4k+ and 3D capable camera during NAB. You can get on board and participate as an OEM with more info on that at the bottom of the article.

Meduza had partnered with The 3D Company to offer its camera systems to the wider entertainment marketplace. The Meduza camera body is available on a long term lease basis starting at $27,500 USD per year (price is dependent on contract length) or via rental from authorized dealers. All bodies are updated and maintained by Meduza Systems for the entirety of the lease term and are always the most current model. All parts and accessories are available for purchase via the 3D company or local affiliate.

The Meduza is “sensor agnostic” in that it uses any manufacturers sensor available. Sensors can be changed to fit the need of the day and users always have the latest and greatest imaging available. Users can choose between sensor sizes, resolution, speed, light sensitivity, just as they used to have the option of choosing a different film stock for a specific requirement.

The Meduza offers major advantages over other Entertainment based systems:
– Currently supports multiple beyond 4k sensor options and numerous HD and 2K options
– Is available in 3072 x 4096 capture format for direct conversion to 15/70mm Giant Screen Format
– Currently supports enhanced low light near IR capability sensor options for reality TV and news gathering
– Small size: Just 12″ (30cm) long x 4″ high (10cm) x 9″ wide (225mm) all in ready to operate
– Light weight under 15 lbs (7 kilos) in the variable IA configuration
– In variable IA mode it can achieve better than 40-100mm IA without a mirror rig
– IA is accurate and can be recalled to better than 0.01mm accuracy
– Convergence is better than 4 degrees
– Convergence is symmetrical (both R/L pivot) and better than 0.10 arc/second nominal
– Mirror rig is 65-0mm IA and under 20lbs (9 kilo), Max dim 30x30x30cm
– Supports numerous lens mounts: Meduza Mini, Arriflex, PV, Canon, others
– Graphic User interface that is adjustable by the user, so you can make the layout the way you like it, and see only the information you want to see
– Preview via HDMI output: Left eye, Right eye, Overlay, S3D supported, Custom
– Camera controls: All camera controls are wireless with hardwire backup
– Can be fitted with a data back for portable recording of uncompressed data
– Records in .DNG format (RAW) standard
– Can be fitted with over 2000 pre-existing accessories
– Is an open source adaptable platform unlike any other camera system
– Never obsolete

Become an Meduza OEM.
More info on the Mezuda camera here.

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