Brushless Gimbal camera rigs should have been universally called “Hollywood Gimbals” from the get go… Sadly they have no other collective name other than Brushless Gimbal camera rig. That point is mute now away because some smarties up and called their brushless gimbal camera rig the Hollywood Gimbal. The folks at AeriCam to be exact.

Hollywood Gimbal

The Hollywood Gimbal from AeriCam will come with a bunch of add ons like a funky over the shoulder sling, kind of like the Easyrig.

The Hollywood gimbal is a product that can bring the capabilities of a full scale hollywood production company to any photographer, videographer and film maker. In its base configuration the Hollywood is a hand held camera gimbal that blows away traditional steadicams in both its performance, and portability. The Hollywood is not only unique in its design, and construction, but it also has a wide array of attachments.These attachments allow it to become a cable cam, car cam, aerial camera, boom camera, etc . Before the Hollywood gimbal these tools would only be available to large scale production companies.

Hollywood Gimbal Car

Hollywood Gimbal Sling Backpack

This is currently on Kickstarter campaign and will make it possible to put the AeriCam Hollywood into production, and make the development of new attachments and implementations possible.

Like what you see then swing on over to the AeriCam Hollywood Gimbal Kickstarter campaign page.

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