Australian rental Mob The Vision House along with students from the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne put together a little cine lens comparison review.

Which of the 12 cine glass interests you?

LENS COMPARISON TEST from The Vision House on Vimeo.

Len comparison test delivered as part of a Swinburne University of Technology Master Class by Barry Malseed at The Vision House.

Lenses shown in this video are:
Cooke S4i
Cooke Mini S4i
Zeiss Master Primes
Zeiss Ultra Primes
Zeiss Compact Primes
Zeiss Super Speeds
Zeiss Standard Speeds
Cooke Speed Pancro
Bausch and Lomb
Cooke Anamorphic
Kowa Anamorphic
Lomo Anamorphic

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