VariZoom’s new professional 100mm fluid head offers excellent performance and value in an attractive, durable package. With variable drag settings for both pan and tilt, as well as an adjustable counterbalance setting, the FH100 handles cameras up to 22 lbs easily. Available separately or as a kit with one of our four 100mm tripod models.

The VZ-FH100 fluid head incorporates professional features and performance in a lightweight, durable, compact form factor, making it ideal for event videography, location shooting, and independent filmmaking. The 100mm half-ball allows quick leveling and universal compatibility with any standard 100mm bowl-mount tripod.

Tilt drag adjusts with a large, round, soft-touch knob on the side of the head. The tilt drag knob has index marks and a smooth, detent-feedback feel that lets you know the adjustment is accurate and consistent. A similar, but smaller knob at the base of the head adjusts pan drag. Counterbalance is easily adjusted for different loads using a soft-touch knob at the back of the head. The counterbalance knob has a rounded-square shape to distinguish it from the drag knobs, but a similarly smooth, detent-feedback feel for accurate adjustment. A backlit leveling bubble enables quick leveling even in darkness.

The VZ-FH100 comes standard with a single telescoping pan handle. A second handle can be purchased as an accessory for a reasonable cost, allowing a studio-style dual-handle control setup. The VZ-FH100 will work with 100mm tripods from other manufacturers, but we have attractively-priced kits available with our 4 different 100mm tripods. These kits will fit nearly any budget or application, and they’re backed by our famous service and warranty department.

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