Drop the dead donkey time, the Sony #TheNewF story is getting a run. Things are not quite what they seem in Sony #TheNewF teaser campaign land. Here goes for the Sony TheNewF: A shoulder mounted PMW-F7 camera that is a supplement and or direct replacement for the PMW-F3, a full blown F55 camera, an external 4K recorder that is suited to the FS700 and or F7 cameras, and possibly one other camera is our call. While Sony PR boffins sit back sip on their frosty milkshakes and think the wool is pulled over the eyes of every camera jockey out there and that all is set for a glorious Oct 30 reveal, we say don’t fall for it. Don’t fall for the less than stellar #TheNewF Sony teaser banners as that looks to be an old EX3 camera and he has a Nikon DSLR swinging off his neck. Plus that raid tower looking banner appears to have been slapped together. There’s more to this TheNewF than Sony are letting on.

Remember when you first heard talk of a Unicorn camera? It was of course the Sony F3 way back at NAB 2010 when it was just a prototype camera with no name that was as Sony said for “everybody” and “affordable.” That was some 2 1/2 years ago and TheOldF it turns out was neither for everybody nor worth the money as evidence to specs and sales records. Well Sony now say the future, is ahead of schedule and more sightings of an illusive unicorn can be found on the interweb.

So please say goodbye to TheOldF:

Yep you read that right the Sony F3 camera is discontinued by the manufacturer. Well the one that has no free S-LOG has been. So with TheOldF dying in the water and the landscape altered since the F3 launch, what is next for Sony? Well it has to be affordable 4K. Or does it?
The F3 and FS100 cameras shared the same sensor plus and minus some cladding and running gear. So it could be possible that Sony TheNewF CineAlta F7 will have the same sensor as the FS700 and or improved upon equivalent plus and minus running gear and cladding right? Well this is where we say no in regards to the cladding… Picture this: Canon C300 lovers, Sony want to stand out and make a big bold PHAT statement and take control of the 50Mbs Super 35mm format broadcast ready market, with a possible 2K / 4K recording out to on board SSD’s, with frame rates any where up to 120fps, and of course has to have an interchangeable lens mount, with a big ‘ol solid EVF. So what you say, still not enough. Try all the above and more all on an old fashioned Sony shoulder mounted glam cam.

Big bold move right! They have to do the above or there about and stand out, aside and away from the C300; what better way than to step up ergonomically and shoulder mount that Super 35 sweet treat.
More good news as we know via a tweet from a UK dealer that the price range for TheNewF camera is in the F3 territory. Can you see the rainbow shooting out of the unicorn’s butt…. Err F7 yet?

Now to go along with that pretty F7 clip clop the FS700 has to don a firmware upgrade and an external recorder to make the show a party and really bring the future to the present.

Have we had the TheNewF show stopper yet? Well part those red curtains again and give it up once again because we believe just like Sony did way back when they ran that red drape campaign for the FS100 camera that there is more. Hidden and we believe accidentally deep on a few sites is mention of another model number the F55. Don’t know much about this one, only that it would join the F65, F35, and F23 CineAlta cameras. Would love to see a Full Frame modular 4K plus camera either box or shoulder mounted sit pretty against the C500 and rumble till the clients can’t pay no more.

Oh man you still want more? Slap another camera down Sony we dare you, we MotherTheNewF dare you. Small medium large we don’t care but we think you have another one in you to announce for this year. What has Sony not dropped enough of in the way of camera types in the year 2012? ENG cameras of course is the answer.

So Sony on the 30th of October please drop the followingF:
Sony F7 camera
Sony F55 camera
Sony FS700 Firmware
Sony External 4K Recorder
Sony ENG camera

Now we see Sony are saying it will be new technology; so say hello to TheNewT: SonySuper35mm

If you are interested place your email on the Sony TheNewF sign up page to be the first to know about the New Sony F. Oh and why the F7 and not F5? Because we would call it the Sony PMW-F7 wouldn’t we.

If you read this far on an old 2012 call, you’ll also be disappointed to find the 4K XAVC camera is not getting called the Sony F7 But rather the Sony FS7 in 2014.

Let’s say PXW-FS7 camera from Sony. Look out for the PXW-X200 camera on September the 12th 2014 too.

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