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RED Digital Cinema is the name behind many popular power hungry cameras; RED Epic Dragon, RED Scarlet Dragon, RED Weapon, to name a few. Although the RED Bricks are a suitable, V-mount solution, we wanted to provide alternate solutions V-Mount solutions, focusing on both mechanical and electrical design. The Hypercore series’ Hypercore98R and HC7R, developed for RED cameras, provide sleek, compact designs, while leveraging Hypercore’s trusted power capability, all in safe, air travel friendly forms.

Let’s start with a brief description of what goes into each Hypercore battery pack. The Panasonic NCR18650 series cell employed in Hypercore battery packs ranks amongst the best Li-Ion cells in the industry. They’re powerful enough to drive Tesla vehicles, so powering your camera is no problem! The Hypercore cell was constructed with the specific purpose of handling and sustaining high power draws. The cells can withstand up to 10A draw (12A peak) for extended periods of time while not diminishing service life, and are incased in an over molded, non-slip rubberized housing to protect against accidental impacts.

Worried about self-discharge with downtime? Well, within every battery pack is an accelerometer tied to a clocking alogorithm, so the battery will go to sleep or hibernate when there is no battery usage or detected motion after a 48-hour period. Once the battery detects the slightest movement, it will automatically awaken.

All models have an integrated, unregulated powertap allowing you to power any 12-16.8vdc device, and all of them besides SLIM have a USB port.

Slim RED Switronix

Now onto learning what Hypercore battery packs communicate with your DSMC2 RED Camera. The new DSMC2 cameras; RED Weapon, RED Raven, RED Scarlet-W communicate with Hypercore 98R, V-Mount RED 98wh option or the super Slim HC7R. These battery packs will not only communicate directly with the camera, but will also deliver the exact percentage of remaining capacity to the camera’s VF/LCD.

If you happen to have a DSMC camera; RED Epic Dragon, RED Scarlet Dragon, all battery packs will assist, provided you have the proper battery plate to LEMO cable needed to power the DSMC cameras. Choose from the Slim series, if compact form and weight are paramount (Gimbal, UAV). If you want a little more power, but still want to be able to be air travel compliant, the Hypercore 98 series fits the bill. Need even more power?….. check out our Hypercore Prime series, which couples two 95Wh packs in an air travel compliant, 2-part design. All Hypercore packs are available in V-mount and 3-stud, so whatever battery mount plate* you have, we have you covered!

*Depending on mount plate wiring, you may see battery percentage in the EVF/LCD of the RED camera. If smart battery communication isn’t wired on your mount plate, you will only receive a voltage reading.

Hypercore Switronix

All Hypercore battery V-mount packs are charger compatible with RED chargers, allowing you to maximize the service life of your charger if you already own a RED charger.

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