The team at Hot Rod Cameras cast a look at the Aladdin A-lite and Eye lite-BI and give them a bit of a review.

The term “revolutionary” gets thrown around a lot. Most times revolutionary is just hyperbole, but when talking about the the new A-light and Eye Light from Aladdin, revolutionary is an accurate description. These lights are insanely bright, marvelously accurate (97+ TLCI) and ridiculously flexible (lightweight, affordable..etc.) They are already in use on a number of major prime time and streaming TV series including both “Blackish” and “Chelsea Does” and they wonderfully as a nighttime key light with new super low light capable cameras (Like the Sony A7sII and Panasonic Varicams.) Hot Rod Cameras is the exclusive Western U.S. source for the lights, contact them today for details.

Special Thanks
Becky Rassool
Eli Roberts
Michael Indresano
Illya Friedman

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